About the client

In this case, we embarked on a journey to establish a distinctive business rooted in a feminine, local mindset. Our mission was to assist people in maintaining clean carpets and furniture.


In this case, we embarked on a journey to establish a distinctive business rooted in a feminine, local mindset. Our mission was to assist people in maintaining clean carpets and furniture.

Discovery Kit


Carpet Cleaning Experts in Beautiful Packaging. With the founder's story originating from Austin, Texas.


Warm and caring service.

Modern design with a well-thought-out UX/UI structure.

Communication Messages:

100% dedication to each cleaning to create the best service experience in Austin.

Personal guarantee from Alexa's founder.

Eco-friendly company and cleaning products safe for children and pets.

A small local business with a cozy and handmade feel in the service industry.

Expert and certified cleaners equipped with professional tools, comparable to national-wide companies.

Every project team member shares a personal passion for animals.


Logo + Naming

Our team created a distinctive logo that embodies the essence of "Alexa from Texas," capturing its values and personality. The carefully chosen name reflects the brand's heritage and authenticity.


Business Card
EDDM letters
T-shirt designs
Car Wrap Designs

Style Guide

To maintain brand consistency, we created a comprehensive style guide that outlines the visual and design elements of "Alexa from Texas." This guide ensures a cohesive and unified brand identity across various platforms and touchpoints.

Website Design & Develop


We developed a comprehensive prototype that guided the creation of the website, focusing on delivering a user-friendly interface and incorporating essential features that enhance the overall experience.

Web Design

We developed a user-centric corporate website with well-developed layers, ensuring a seamless user experience. The website stands out from competitors with its visually appealing design, meaningful content, and optimized technical aspects for improved conversion.

Responsive Web Design

Our team designed a fully responsive website that adapts seamlessly to different devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for visitors and reinforcing the brand's commitment to cleanliness and professionalism.


Utilized the popular CMS WordPress to build the website, leveraging its robust features and flexibility.

Implemented local SEO optimization techniques to enhance the website's visibility in local search results.

Installed relevant SEO and site speed extensions to improve performance.


To enable efficient tracking and data analysis, we integrated Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with customized events, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.

To facilitate streamlined operations, we integrated the website with the ERP system.

To gather valuable customer feedback, we automated NPS (Net Promoter Score) and review collection processes.

To streamline customer relationship management, we combined the CRM system.


Search Engine Optimization

Our Local SEO strategy is tailored to optimize Alexa's online presence specifically for location-based searches in the Austin community. By focusing on keywords such as 'carpet cleaning near me' or 'upholstery cleaners in Austin,' we enhance the visibility of Alexa from Texas in search results. Through meticulous website optimization and comprehensive online listing management, we ensure that Alexa from Texas ranks among the top search results, attracting valuable leads and customers. Our effective approach helps capture leads at a low marketing cost, maximizing the return on investment for Alexa's marketing efforts.

Google Ads & Bing Ads

By leveraging Google Ads and Bing Ads, we effectively bring in customers with existing needs. These platforms provide a steady stream of leads, allowing for scalability and synergy with other marketing tools. Our systematic approach to optimizing advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads ensures efficient lead generation while maintaining a cost-effective strategy.

Google Business Profile & Yelp Management

To achieve higher rankings for Alexa from Texas on Google and Yelp, we focus on 4 key factors:
Account Configuration
Content Generation and Posting
Review Management
Account Analysis and Management

To distinguish Alexa from Texas from similar businesses in the area, it takes more than just a well-optimized Google Business Profile.

We adopt a holistic approach to enhance the online presence and differentiate the brand from competitors..We understand the importance of customer interactions in establishing a strong online presence. That's why we guarantee prompt and professional responses to all customer reviews and inquiries, including negative ones. With care and empathy, we address concerns and offer courteous and respectful solutions.Through active engagement with customers, our goal is to maintain and enhance the reputation of Alexa from Texas, fostering trust among potential customers and establishing a positive brand image.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategy for Alexa from Texas is tailored to the young demographic of individuals aged 25 and above who actively use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We prioritize establishing a strong presence on these platforms and crafting compelling, valuable, and relevant content.

Through a well-planned monthly activity plan, we consistently deliver:
20+ posts;
15 Instagram reels + YouTube shorts;
200 stories.

Moreover, by implementing cross-posting on Facebook, we effectively broaden the brand's reach and enhance audience engagement.

EDDM Campaign

People appreciate physical mail when it's not intrusive and offers something relevant. That's why our goal is to create attention-grabbing postcards that are emotionally engaging and provide value to recipients. We aim to develop postcards that won't end up in the trash but instead fulfill their purpose effectively.

Key factors for a successful EDDM campaign include:
Trigger concept for the postcard
Professional design
Enticing offer with a clear call to action
Multiple touchpoints along the route (minimum of 3) to maximize impact.

My name
is Alexa

I had always been a stickler for cleanliness, but with the demands of work and other obligations, finding the time to keep my home spotless became a real challenge. Sounds familiar? It was during this struggle that I started dreaming of a solution—a service that would come in and clean my home exactly the way I like it. And then it struck me: why not be that someone for others? I realized I wasn't the only one yearning for a perfectly clean home without sacrificing precious free time.

And that's how Alexa from Texas Cleaning was born. My mission was clear—to provide a solution for people like me, who desired pristine couches and carpets but struggled to achieve it themselves. I knew I could make a difference in people's lives by offering my expertise and understanding their unique needs. Since then, it has been an absolute dream come true!


We have already formulated and agreed upon a comprehensive marketing action plan for 2023, which encompasses various strategic initiatives and campaigns aimed at driving growth and achieving our objectives.

We are set to integrate additional marketing activities such as CRM marketing, email marketing, and Facebook Ads to expand our reach and engage with our target audience across multiple channels.

A total of 117 hypotheses have been planned for testing, allowing us to stay at the forefront of industry changes and global trends. This agile approach ensures that we remain adaptable and responsive to evolving market dynamics.

We have developed strategic plans across key areas including finances, market size, product development, company improvements, and optimization of all business processes. These plans will drive efficiency, innovation, and continuous improvement within our organization.


Branding to website design, and from strategic marketing to efficient sprints workflow, we've mastered it all. Ready to elevate your brand's presence?

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