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We assist companies in developing a comprehensive brand that reflects their essence and values while addressing their specific challenges.


Empower your digital journey with Lonstern, where innovative design seamlessly merges with functional excellence. Elevate your online presence and dominate your niche with our cutting-edge, customized solutions.

Stand Out from the Competition

A well-conceived and executed brand identity sets your business apart in a saturated market, providing a distinct competitive advantage.

Build Brand Recognition

Establishing a strong brand identity ensures your business is easily recognizable and memorable to your target audience. This fosters brand recognition and enhances customer recall.

Establish Credibility

Crafting a professional and consistent brand identity helps your business establish credibility and gain customer trust, inspiring loyalty and confidence in your brand within your industry.


Essence Explorer

The Essence Explorer package contains everything you need to create a consistent and powerful brand identity, making it the perfect choice for startups and small businesses.

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Brand strategy consultation and workshops

Logo design (including multiple revisions and variations)

Selection of color palette, typography, and visual elements

Brand style guide (including usage guidelines and examples)

Creation of social media profile and cover images

Basic brand messaging framework (mission, vision, values)

1-hour brand training session for your team

Visual Voyager

Designed for growing businesses, the Visual Voyager package provides a comprehensive brand system, a strong digital presence, and a robust content strategy.

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Everything included in the Essence Explorer package

Custom iconography, illustrations, and pattern design

Design of business cards, letterheads, and envelopes

Creation of email signatures and newsletter templates

Branded PowerPoint or Keynote presentation template

Design of print collateral (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.)

Social media post templates and content strategy

In-depth brand messaging development (including brand story and positioning)

Guidelines for brand voice and tone

3-hour brand training workshop for your team

Brand Beacon

For businesses aiming to establish a unique brand presence across all customer touchpoints, the Brand Beacon package offers comprehensive branding solutions, strategic analysis, and ongoing support.

$30 000
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Everything included in the Visual Voyager package

Comprehensive brand audit and competitive analysis

Creation of tagline and slogan

Design of branded merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, pens, etc.)

Packaging design

Custom signage and environmental graphics (office, retail, etc.)

Consultation for website design and development (with branding integration)

Ongoing brand management, support, and strategy

Brand launch strategy and implementation plan

Concepts for multi-channel marketing and advertising campaigns

6-month brand performance review and adjustments

6-hour brand training workshop and ongoing consultation for your team


Attract new customers

A strong brand identity can help attract new customers to your business, as it communicates your unique value proposition and establishes a connection with your target audience.

Retain existing customers

A consistent and engaging brand identity helps retain existing customers by fostering brand loyalty and reinforcing positive associations with your business.

Support business growth

A well-designed and executed brand identity provides a solid foundation for marketing and promotional efforts, supporting business growth and creating a positive brand reputation.

Increase brand equity

A strong brand identity increases your business's brand equity, which reflects the overall value and perception of your brand in the marketplace.

Custom Solutions

Unlock your business's potential with customizable brand solutions. Enhance your online presence.

Naming + Logo Design

Style Guide

Tone of Voice


Designing Social Media


Commercial Presentation Folder

Brand Story & Metaphor

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Unique Brand Identity Assurance

We guarantee that the brand identity developed for you will be distinctive and set you apart from your competitors, enabling you to stand out in the industry.


Consistency Across Brand Touchpoints

We ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, including the logo, color scheme, typography, and messaging, to create a unified and recognizable brand identity.


Comprehensive, Aligned Brand Strategy

Our branding service encompasses a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with your business objectives and target market.


Reputation Protection and Enhancement

We protect and enhance your reputation by implementing effective branding strategies that articulate your brand values, mission, and unique selling proposition.


Close Collaboration and Understanding

We guarantee close collaboration, taking the time to understand your business and industry, and integrating your feedback and suggestions into the branding process.


Open Communication and Responsiveness

We value open communication and are highly responsive and accessible to you during the branding process, addressing any inquiries or concerns promptly.


Customized Branding Solutions

Our branding solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and preferences, ensuring that your brand identity and strategy are unique and aligned with your business objectives.


Competitive Edge Provision

Our branding service gives you a competitive edge in your industry, helping you differentiate yourself from competitors and attract a larger customer base.


Flexibility in Branding Services

We offer flexibility in our branding services, adapting to shifts in your business objectives or market conditions as needed.


1. Beginning with Thorough Research

Our process of creating high-quality products starts with an intensive research phase. We kick off with a briefing meeting to discuss your needs, expectations, and establish clear objectives together.

We conduct a brand audit, analyze competitors, and create a comprehensive portrait of your target audience, understanding their perception models and needs. Additionally, we explore current trends to inform our strategies.

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2. Harnessing the Power of Brand Metaphors

Each company and product has a unique internal structure, and we communicate its essence to the audience through clear, memorable imagery.

After gathering all the necessary data, we encapsulate the essence of your brand into a metaphor. This metaphor, broadcast across all future brand communication channels, resonates with consumers and elicits a range of associations.

3. Crafting an Impactful Brand Name

Every successful business requires a resonant, substantial, and appealing name. During brainstorming, we employ a myriad of naming techniques to conceive a unique name that captivates customers.

We review all options before presenting them to you for approval. An effective name promotes your brand, reveals your brand's positioning and values, and fosters long-term loyalty through an emotional connection with consumers.

4. Creating a Visual Brand Vision

We conceive a fundamental visual image that addresses specific business issues while conveying the brand's idea and spirit. Our designers ensure each visual element carries meaning, aligns with the metaphor, and is distinctively yours.

These visual elements are compiled into a convenient and comprehensive brand guideline, ensuring consistency in brand communication.

5. Unleashing Creativity in Print

Printed products draw attention to special offers and delight customers. Regardless of the format - from brochures to booklets - we've got you covered. We'll provide mockups to illustrate how your printed products will look.

The principle of visual information perception comes into play here. Unconsciously, a person remembers the visual image of a brand - its name or slogan, graphics, font, and color - and often, the tactile sensation of a product influences recall.

6. Consistency in Design

The key to a successful branding campaign is unity and coherence. Whether it's a website or a Facebook page, all communication channels should echo the brand's values.

We rejuvenate the visual elements on social networks based on the identity, design covers, create posts, and develop story templates.


Alexa From Texas




Experiencing warm, caring service.

Modern design with a thoughtful UX/UI structure.

Positioning Carpet Cleaning experts in beautiful packaging

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Big Apple Window Cleaning




Established the core of the brand, drawing out meanings important to consumers and the company's owner.

Identified strong advantages over competitors and defined the company's market positioning.

Shaped the business development strategy and formulated a plan of coordinated actions.

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Simon's Window Cleaning




Assembled a semantic core for the SEO foundation

Discovered a competitive advantage through research on the company's history, customers, and reviews, for which Simon’s Windows is well-known in New York

Focused on providing an exceptional interaction with the company's services, starting from the website

Full case





Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Illustrator

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Ready to take your brand to the next level?

Embarking on the Full-Spectrum Marketing journey ensures a holistic and tailored approach to your brand's growth. Every step is meticulously crafted, ensuring your brand not only stands out but flourishes in its industry.

Let's transform visions into victories together.


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