At LONSTERN, we specialize in crafting responsive websites that deliver an exceptional user experience for your customers. Our design and development process is customized to your unique vision and market positioning, ensuring your website effectively connects with your audience and helps you achieve your business goals.

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Discovery Kit®

Our team conducts in-depth research on your company, market, competitors, and customers to identify potential opportunities for improving your business. By identifying untapped opportunities for rapid financial gains, striking competitive advantages, and customer behavior tactics, we aim to help you address areas of customer dissatisfaction and improve overall performance.

Investment asset

Our SEO-focused investment strategy aims to build a robust online presence for your business, positioning you for top rankings in Google search results, ultimately driving growth and revenue.


We specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing web designs that not only catch customers' attention and spark their interest but also ensure the usability of the UX interface.


Lonstern Lift-Off

Ideal for start-ups or businesses entering the online world for the first time.

Perfect for start-ups or businesses making their initial foray into the online world.

Perfect for start-ups or businesses making their initial foray into the online world.

Perfect for start-ups or businesses making their initial foray into the online world.

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Custom website design with up to 7-10 pages (e.g., Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact, Portfolio, Testimonials, FAQ, etc.)

Mobile-responsive design

Contact form integration

Content Management System (CMS) integration for easy content updates

Basic Google Analytics setup for website performance tracking

Image gallery or slideshow

Newsletter subscription integration

Basic on-page SEO optimization

Basic speed optimization

Reliable hosting with protection against viruses and DOS-attacks

Monday to Friday Support

Growth Navigator

Designed for growing businesses aiming to expand their reach and enhance their online presence.

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Custom website design with unlimited pages (includes all features from the Lonstern Lift-off, plus any additional pages tailored to the client’s needs)

Discovery Kit

Advanced SEO optimization

E-commerce integration (if needed)

Custom forms and advanced contact form features

Advanced Google Analytics setup with goal tracking and custom reports

Integration with third-party tools (e.g., CRM, email marketing, etc.)

Speed optimization with CDN and caching setup

Ongoing website maintenance and support for a specified period

Monday to Friday Support

Emergency Team

Innovation Accelerator

Tailored for enterprises striving for superior customization, advanced features, and top-tier support.

$15 000
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Custom website design with unlimited pages (includes all features from the Growth Navigator Package, plus premium features tailored to the client’s needs)

Custom web application development for unique functionality

Advanced e-commerce integration with custom features and payment gateways

Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality for a seamless mobile experience

Custom animations and interactive elements

Advanced speed optimization with server-side performance enhancements

Advanced SEO optimization with ongoing monitoring and adjustments

Multilingual website support

Advanced third-party tool integrations (e.g., advanced CRM features, marketing automation, etc.)

Personalized training sessions for the client’s team to manage the website effectively

Ongoing website maintenance, updates, and support for a longer specified period

Priority support and faster response times



Your business is unique, and we create a custom UI/UX that reflects its individuality while providing an exceptional user experience.


Our services include clear brand positioning strategies that help you establish a strong and recognizable identity for your business among your customers and team.

Top ranking

We improve your website's search engine rankings and expand its visibility, increasing the likelihood of attracting new prospective clients. Research shows that users rarely visit the third or even second page of search engine results, which makes it essential to rank as high as possible to drive traffic to your website.

Effortless visibility

With our SEO-optimized websites, you can enjoy a hassle-free approach to attracting new visitors to your site. By achieving high rankings and building a strong online reputation, you can sit back and let the traffic come to you. Unlike paid advertising, our SEO approach ensures that your website generates sustainable traffic over the long term, freeing you up to focus on your core business.


Our automated review service ensures that you receive customer feedback within US law regulations. We provide automatic requests for Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reviews, allowing you to monitor and improve your brand's reputation.


With high-quality optimization and a well-structured website, including an accessible product or service page, users will remember your brand and be able to return through branded searches. By maintaining and expanding interest from satisfied customers, we can help you build strong brand loyalty that translates into repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Custom Solutions

Unlock your business's potential with our customizable website design & development solutions. Designed to boost your online presence.

Discovery Kit

UI/UX – Prototype

Custom Web Design in Figma

UX Research

SEO audit

Keyword Research

Competitor Research


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Comprehensive Business Analysis

Our team will conduct an intensive two-week research immersion to deeply understand your business, market, competitors, and customers, revealing your unique brand identity.


Distinctive Brand Identity Creation

We will forge a unique brand identity for your business that stands out from the competition and leaves an indelible mark on your audience.


Persuasive Positioning Strategy

We will assist you in developing a positioning strategy that is easy for your sales team to comprehend and appeals to prospective customers, thereby amplifying your chances of success.


Continuous Support and Consultation

We offer unwavering consultation and support throughout every stage of your business, including any issues concerning your business model. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed and overcome any challenges you may face.


Customized and User-Friendly Web Design

We guarantee an appealing website equipped with custom web design, developed by UX experts. Our designs are user-friendly, memorable, and seamlessly integrated with your business infrastructure.


Effective Marketing Mix

Our marketing mix is guaranteed to drive results for your business through automated processes.


Direct Involvement of Max Leon

Trust in the personal engagement of Max Leon, the owner of LONSTERN, to ensure that your business receives the maximum care and attention it merits.


Commitment to Transparent Communication

We uphold our promise to provide transparent communication and interactions with you at every step of the journey.


1. Let's talk: Briefing

We initiate the process with a briefing session, aiming to understand your expectations, vision, and establish project goals. This step helps us align our efforts with your strategic objectives.

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2. Insight Gathering: Discovery Kit

Market Analysis:
‣  Comprehensive keyword research
‣  Review analysis from online customers
‣  Detailed research and customer profiling
‣  Avatar creation for target audiences.

Competitor Insight:
‣  Comprehensive list of competitors
‣  Detailed analysis of competitors' marketing strategies
‣  Study of SEO keywords used by competitors
‣  Development of a unique core positioning strategy
‣  Creation of a tailored communicational model Psychea.

3. Framework Building: Prototype

Site Architecture:
Curate a list of pages in Google Sheet & Moqups.
Semantic core division into pages.

Wireframe Development:
Schematic representation of the prospective website.
Foundational development of the UX site’s page structure and filling the pages with content (photos, videos, illustrations, text, etc.)

Create captivating titles and compelling descriptions of the advantages and solutions to customer issues.
Formulate engaging and beneficial text that addresses customers' queries.
Proactively address potential client risks and objections on the site to facilitate sales during the next phase of client interaction.
Implement clear calls-to-action for higher conversion rates.

4. Aesthetic Crafting: Web Design

Content Production:
Creation and transfer of technical assignment for the production of photo/video content.

First Page Design Concept:
The web designer reviews information from the Discovery phase, examines the Wireframe, and consults with the Developer about the project.
Collection of project’s references and aesthetics.
Development of a design concept for the website’s home page.

Complete Web design:
The web designer crafts all site pages for three screen sizes: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile.
Preparation of the UI-kit for the development department and formulation of the Terms of Reference for design features to ensure the preservation of the design concept during development.

5. Crafting the Core: Development

Website Development:
Creation of a responsive website based on the design layout and Terms of Reference.

On-site SEO optimization:
Integration of necessary plugins.
Meta tag registration (title, description, alt, etc.), implementation of h1-h6 headers.
Execution of Internal linking.
Schema page markup implementation.
Page Speed verification.

Google Analytics 4 + Events.
Google Tag Manager.
Google Search Console.
Integration with ERP, CRM, etc.
Widgets: Gather Up, Live Chat, Social Media, etc.

6. Launching Success: Release

Final Approval:
After you've approved the project, we collect your review.

The result is a visually appealing, high-converting, technologically advanced website that serves as a reliable business asset on the internet, laying a robust foundation for the long-term growth of the SEO project. Expect a transparent interaction process with the agency, reliable and predictable outcomes, and swift technical support during business hours.


Alexa From Texas

Logo creating

Web site set up

Style Guide

CRM integrated

From scratch to first customers

When Alexa from Texas approached Lonstern, they were a budding idea in the vast landscape of Austin's cleaning services. Lonstern took on the challenge, sculpting a full-fledged brand identity from the ground up, with a keen focus on carpet and upholstery cleaning. The transformation was not just about a logo or a tagline; it was about embedding excellence and trust into every facet of the brand.

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Big Apple Window Cleaning

Logo creating

Web site set up

Style Guide

CRM integrated

From scratch to first customers

To address the challenges faced by Big Apple Window Cleaning, a holistic approach was adopted, focusing on brand core development, market positioning, and consumer segmentation.

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Simon's Window Cleaning

Logo creating

Web site set up

Style Guide

CRM integrated

From scratch to first customers

Transformed a 20+ year reputable NY window cleaning service into a digital powerhouse. Through strategic branding, a user-centric website, and targeted marketing campaigns, we amplified their online presence, reinforced their premium positioning, and drove superior customer engagement. A holistic approach for lasting impact

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Google Search Console

Google Tag Manager

Local Viking


SWOT Analisys

Similar Web


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