Big Apple Window Cleaning

About the client

Big Apple Window Cleaning is a renowned name in the window cleaning industry, offering a comprehensive range of services. With a mission to bring clarity to people's lives through clean glass, they have successfully executed challenging projects, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.


To address the challenges faced by Big Apple Window Cleaning, a holistic approach was adopted, focusing on brand core development, market positioning, and consumer segmentation.

Discovery Kit


#1 Rated Window Cleaning Company in New York City


Professionalism, organization, thoroughness, and transformation of space. The service’s ability to handle complex environments and its attention to detail in cleaning and communication are highly valued.

Communication Messages:

Specialization in high-rise window cleaning.

Experienced and Expert: Over 17 years in the industry, executing challenging projects with a team of certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), ensuring the impeccable quality of their services.

Safety First, Always: A Zero-Accident Philosophy: Uncompromising emphasis on delivering high-quality services with utmost safety, using the best equipment and adhering to industry standards.

Strong Online Reputation: Almost 600 excellent reviews on Google, trusted by a diverse clientele including government agencies and industrial clients.



Our team created a distinctive logo that embodies the essence of "Big Apple Window Cleaning" capturing its values and personality.


T-shirt designs

Style Guide

To maintain brand consistency, we created a comprehensive style guide that outlines the visual and design elements of "Big Apple Window Cleaning" This guide ensures a cohesive and unified brand identity across various platforms and touchpoints.

Website Design & Develop


Developed a corporate website with visual, semantic, technical, and conversion layers.Key Features: Fast, convenient, and stands out from competitors.Results: Enhanced online presence and improved user experience.

Web Design

We've crafted a corporate website centered around the user, with meticulously structured layers to guarantee a smooth user experience. Distinguished from competitors, our site boasts an aesthetically pleasing design, impactful content, and technical enhancements, all fine-tuned for superior conversion.

Responsive Web Design

Our team has crafted a website that’s entirely responsive, transitioning flawlessly across various devices, ensuring visitors enjoy optimal viewing experiences. This reinforces our brand’s dedication to cleanliness and professionalism.


Utilized the popular CMS WordPress to build the website, leveraging its robust features and flexibility.

Implemented local SEO optimization techniques to enhance the website's visibility in local search results.

Installed relevant SEO and site speed extensions to improve performance.


To enable efficient tracking and data analysis, we integrated Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with customized events, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.

To facilitate streamlined operations, we integrated the website with the ERP system.

To gather valuable customer feedback, we automated NPS (Net Promoter Score) and review collection processes.

To streamline customer relationship management, we combined the CRM system.


End-to-end analytics

Implemented comprehensive analytics and calltracking to accurately assess the influence of traffic sources on the efficacy of marketing initiatives. Refined PPC advertising campaigns for optimal impact. Enhanced conversion at every phase of the sales funnel, collaborating closely with managers on conversational scripts to ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

Implemented SEO as a key tool for customer attraction.
Key Tactics: Regular content updates, keyword optimization, local link building outreach.
Results: Top-rated search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Google Business Profile & Listing Management

To achieve higher rankings for Big Apple on Google and other Listing platforms, we focus on 4 key factors:
Account Configuration
Content Generation and Posting
Review Management
Account Analysis and Management

To distinguish Big Apple Window Cleaning from similar businesses in the area, it takes more than just a well-optimized Google Business Profile. We adopt a holistic approach to enhance the online presence and differentiate the brand from competitors..

We understand the importance of customer interactions in establishing a strong online presence. That's why we guarantee prompt and professional responses to all customer reviews and inquiries, including negative ones. With care and empathy, we address concerns and offer courteous and respectful solutions.

Through active engagement with customers, our goal is to maintain and enhance the reputation of Big Apple, fostering trust among potential customers and establishing a positive brand image.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategy for Alexa from Texas is tailored to the young demographic of individuals aged 25 and above who actively use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We prioritize establishing a strong presence on these platforms and crafting compelling, valuable, and relevant content.

Through a well-planned monthly activity plan, we consistently deliver:
20+ posts;
15 Instagram reels + YouTube shorts;
200 stories.

Moreover, by implementing cross-posting on Facebook, we effectively broaden the brand's reach and enhance audience engagement.

Google Ads & Bing Ads

Set up effective PPC campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads.
Key Tactics: Iterative optimization, A/B testing.
Implement Remarketing campaign.
Results: Increased online visibility and traffic.

Email Marketing

The goal is to leverage our list of existing customers to make more appointments with us.
You want to use it to remind them it’s time to get the window cleaned again.
To urge them to get back on the schedule because you have this great promo going on.
To use it to advertise other products and services you offer
Newsletters for touch points
Seasonal specials

Big Apple Window Cleaning

At Big Apple Window Cleaning, our journey began with a humble bucket, a squeegee, and a lofty dream: to become one of the most reputable window cleaning companies in New York City. Sixteen years on, we've seen our dream come to fruition, standing tall as a leading name in the industry even as it evolves and advances.



Website Development, Optimization, and Efficiency (BAWC)

Revamping site structure based on analytics and page effectiveness.
Web design updates for enhanced UX and brand perception in 2023-2024.
Optimizing site load speed for improved UX and Google algorithm compatibility.
Conversion enhancement through research, analytics, and A/B testing.



Monthly creation of 3-4 articles based on semantic core.
Development of commercial semantics and link building.
SERM: Top Google results optimization, including SEO optimized YouTube videos.
Promotion of various tools to Top 10 search results based on semantic core, e.g., Yelp, Home Advisor, Angi, etc.



Systematic optimization and scaling of Google PPC ads for lead volume increase.
Creative strategy + Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, testing LinkedIn.
Development of Retargeting concepts and hypothesis testing.


Social Media

Residential sales through social media, influence marketing, and group seeding.
Testing mechanics of giveaways and rewards for activity.
Systematic posting of video content: YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Tik-Tok.


Content Production



Systematic Blogging with Cross-Platform Duplication

Content marketing including video content: cases, reviews, and work-in-progress.
Enhancing production quality to match viewer preferences.



Regular meetings for analysis of dynamics, hypothesis formation, and response to changes.


Email Marketing

Commercial and Residential email marketing: systematic work, scenario chains, A/B tests.
Warming up mailboxes for 100% reputation (spam prevention).


Office and Production Print Material + Employee Communication

Marketing kit for commercial sales representatives.
Brochures with updated positioning.
Souvenirs for residential clients and gift cards.


Mandatory Error Recording, Analysis, and Understanding

Implementation of systematic approaches in all departments and responsibility.
Development of manuals for all company departments.


Branding to website design, and from strategic marketing to efficient sprints workflow, we've mastered it all. Ready to elevate your brand's presence?

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Style Guide

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Style Guide

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To address the challenges faced by Big Apple Window Cleaning, a holistic approach was adopted, focusing on brand core development, market positioning, and consumer segmentation.

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